NAICS Code Description

313230 - Nonwoven Fabric Mills

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Avintiv Specialty Mtls IncSaint-Gobain Adfors Amer Inc
Jason Holdings IncFitesa Simpsonville Inc
Avintiv IncFoss Holdings LLC
Chicopee IncHobbs Bonded Fibers LLC
Fibertex Nonwovens IncPfnonwovens US Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing nonwoven fabrics and felts. Processes used include bonding and/or interlocking fibers by mechanical, chemical, thermal, or solvent means, or by combinations thereof.

Index Entries for 313230
313230313230313230Air laid nonwoven fabrics manufacturing
313230313230313230Blankets, nonwoven fabric, manufacturing
313230313230313230Bonded-fiber fabrics manufacturing
313230313230313230Carded nonwoven fabrics manufacturing
313230313230313230Carpet paddings, nonwoven, manufacturing
313230313230313230Fabrics, nonwoven, manufacturing
313230313230313230Felts, nonwoven, manufacturing
313230313230313230Melt blown nonwoven fabrics manufacturing
313230313230313230Nonwoven fabric tapes manufacturing
313230313230313230Nonwoven fabrics manufacturing
313230313230313230Nonwoven felts manufacturing
313230313230313230Pads and wadding, nonwoven, manufacturing
313230313230313230Pressed felts manufacturing
313230313230313230Punched felts manufacturing
313230313230313230Ribbons made in nonwoven fabric mills
313230313230313230Spunbonded fabrics manufacturing
313230313230313230Tapes, nonwoven fabric, manufacturing
313230313230313230Wet laid nonwoven fabrics manufacturing
313230313230313230Wipes, nonwoven fabric, manufacturing