NAICS Code Description

311920 - Coffee and Tea Manufacturing

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Keurig Green Mountain IncS & D Coffee Inc
Peets Coffee & Tea LLCInter American Products Inc
Krispy Kreme IncFolger Coffee Company
Farmer Bros CoRoyal Cup Inc
Wm B Reily & Company IncCCC Holding LLC

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in one or more of the following: (1) roasting coffee; (2) manufacturing coffee and tea concentrates (including instant and freeze-dried); (3) blending tea; (4) manufacturing herbal tea; and (5) manufacturing coffee extracts, flavorings, and syrups.


  • Establishments primarily engaged in bottling and canning iced tea are classified in U.S. Industry 312111, Soft Drink Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 311920
311920311920311920Coffee concentrates (i.e., instant coffee) manufacturing
311920311920311920Coffee extracts manufacturing
311920311920311920Coffee flavoring and syrups (i.e., made from coffee) manufacturing
311920311920311920Coffee roasting
311920311920311920Coffee substitute manufacturing
311920311920311920Coffee, blended, manufacturing
311920311920311920Coffee, instant and freeze-dried, manufacturing
311920311920311920Extracts, essences and preparations, coffee, manufacturing
311920311920311920Extracts, essences and preparations, tea, manufacturing
311920311920311920Instant coffee manufacturing
311920311920311920Instant tea manufacturing
311920311920311920Roasting coffee
311920311920311920Syrup, flavoring, coffee based, manufacturing
311920311920311920Tea (except herbal) manufacturing
311920311920311920Tea blending
311920311920311920Tea, herbal, manufacturing
311920311920311920Tea, instant, manufacturing