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112910 - Apiculture

Top Businesses by Revenue for 112910:

Honey Browning Co IncIdaho FallsID
Honey Bauer IncFertileMN
Steve E Park Apiaries IncPalo CedroCA
Apiary Industries LLCRapid CitySD
Harveys HoneyMonroevilleNJ
Buzzn Bee Farms IncArcherFL
Edward R Slinker JrLouisvilleKY
Clearbrook Honey FarmsClearbrookMN
Well Beeing LLCWestportCA

112910 - Apiculture

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in raising bees. These establishments may collect and gather honey; and/or sell queen bees, packages of bees, royal jelly, bees' wax, propolis, venom, pollen, and/or other bee products.

Index Entries for 112910
112910112910112910Bee pollen collection
112910112910112910Bee production (i.e., apiculture)
112910112910112910Beeswax production
112910112910112910Honey bee production
112910112910112910Propolis production, bees
112910112910112910Queen bee production
112910112910112910Royal jelly production, bees