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112210 - Hog and Pig Farming

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Murphy-Brown LLCPic Usa Inc
Clemens Family CorporationMaxwell Foods LLC
Maschhoffs LLCN G Purvis Farms Inc
Seaboard Foods LLCRobert Winner Sons Inc
Iowa Select Farms LLPSwine Graphics Entps Lllp

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in raising hogs and pigs. These establishments may include farming activities, such as breeding, farrowing, and the raising of weanling pigs, feeder pigs, or market size hogs.


  • Establishments primarily engaged in operating stockyards for transportation and not buying, selling, or auctioning livestock are classified in U.S. Industry 488999, All Other Support Activities for Transportation.
Index Entries for 112210
112210112210112210Farrow-to-finish operations
112210112210112210Feeder pig farming
112210112210112210Feedlots (except stockyards for transportation), hog
112210112210112210Hog and pig (including breeding, farrowing, nursery, and finishing activities) farming
112210112210112210Hog feedlots (except stockyards for transportation)
112210112210112210Pig farming
112210112210112210Swine farming
112210112210112210Weaning pig operations