global batch data match PH2
  • Accepted file types: csv.

Global Batch File History:

Global Batch Usage Tips:

Important - Use this Standard Input File Layout when Submitting Files.

The First Five Columns can be used to store any Non Personal Identifying Information such as a Record ID (to merge back into your Source Data).  Do not include Names of Individuals, SS #s, CC #s, or any other Personal Information in the file.

The Remaining Eight Input Columns should reflect the Following Fields in Order: Company Name, Street Address, PO Box, City, State, Zip, Country and Phone Number.

Missing Info? - Leave the Field Blank.

Business Listings Missing the following Info will Fail to Append:
Company Name, City, State, and Country Fields.

Are you using the Company’s Physical or Mailing Address?  Wherever possible please eliminate or correct before providing files for processing.