Add Fax Numbers to Your Database

Maintain Multiple Points of Contact with Your Customers or Sales Prospects by Adding Fax Numbers to Your Business Database.

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Faxing is still a very relevant form of communication. Promotional items don’t have to hide in the abyss of your client or prospect’s e-mail inbox.

Use Our Fax Append Service to:
  • Update your database with verified fax numbers from millions of businesses and professionals.
  • Remove invalid fax numbers.
  • Improve your reach with diversified marketing.

Fax Numbers are just one of many Firmographic Data Elements we can add to your Customer Files.

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We are happy to process a small file at no cost to show the accuracy and efficiency of our service. That is why NAICS Association is the Go-To Data Append Company for Businesses of all Types.

Give us a try – We will impress!

• Exceptional Match Rates – 80%-99% of All Records are Appended at a High Confidence Level.

• Superior Accuracy – Loose Matches are Eliminated. Only Strong Matches are Returned!

• Same or Next Day Turnaround on Most Orders.

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Fee Example – Fax Number Append to 10,000 Record Database

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Matching Fee

Append Fax


Fax Append – Fee Example Based on 10,000 Records
Setup Fee: (This Fee Decreases with Smaller Orders.)
Match Fee: ($100 per Thousand.) $1,000
Append Fax: ($75 per Thousand, *Assuming an 85% Match Rate.) $640
Total: $2,640

Note: Fee Example is Based on 10,000 Records. For an Exact Price Quote Complete the Form.

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