The Business Intelligence API

Simplify Your Efforts While Magnifying Your Results

•Enhance Business Listings Seamlessly in Real Time.

• Add Vital Insights to your Customer Acquisition, Analysis and Sales & Marketing Efforts.

• Tap into the most Up-To-Date Firmographic Data on over 122 Million US and Worldwide Business Locations.

• Integrate with Your Existing Business Systems including CRMs, SFAs, and other Internal Operating Software.

Enhance Your Data in Real Time Using Our Proprietary BizAPI Tool

The BizAPI is a Real-Time Solution that returns Actionable Intelligence on Individual Business Entities. Append Data Elements such as: NAICS Codes, Annual Sales, URL's and Number of Employees to name just a few.  Several matching methods exist. Based on the available Input Data, we can assist in maximizing your overall Match and Append Rate. The BizAPI can return one of several Robust Layout Options based on your needs, OR we can craft one to meet your unique data requirements.

The Simplest, Fastest, and Most Cost-Effective Method Available for Enhancing Your Business Data!

How Does Data Matching Work?

Our system compares your existing data to the Worldwide Business Database. Some Data Element Combinations return a higher number of successfully matched business listings. The following list of Matching Methods is listed in order of Highest to Lowest Overall Match Rates.

Choose the Strongest Match Method based on available Input Data, or run through multiple match options to capture Additional Successful Matches. You are only charged for Successfully Matched Listings.

• Standard Match: Company Name, Street/PO Box, City, State, Zip, Country and Phone if available
• Loose/Partial Address Match: Company Name, Partial Address
• URL Match: US Listings Only
• Company Name Match: Company Name and Country
• Phone Number Match

Match Process Example:

Process data through Standard Match. Non-Matched Listings can then be reprocessed using one of the following four Match Methods:  Company Name, Phone, URL, or Company Name and Partial Address.

Testing The API Before Coding

Test access is available for viewing the JSON result of your request without coding.


Standard Output Layouts

• 4 & 8-Digit SIC Codes & Descriptions
• 6-Digit NAICS Codes & Descriptions

• Custom Layouts Available Upon Request

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