Industry: 9721—International Affairs
Establishments of U.S. and foreign governments primarily engaged in international affairs and programs relating to other nations and peoples. Trade commissions and councils operated by private establishments are classified in Services, Division I and government operated trade commissions and councils are classified in Major Group 96.

ConsulatesForeign missions
Diplomatic services—governmentImmigration services—government
EmbassiesUnited Nations
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
9721International Affairs2,589
972100International affairs471
97210000International affairs471
972104International affairs, level of government416
97210401International affairs, Federal government387
97210402International affairs, State government8
97210403International affairs, County government14
97210404International affairs, Local government2
972199International affairs, nec1,702
97219902Diplomatic service, government55
97219904Foreign missions207
97219905Immigration services, government250
97219906Peace Corps30
97219907United Nations33