Industry: 9611—Administration of General Economic Programs
Government establishments primarily engaged in promotion and development of economic resources of all kinds, including tourism, business, and industry. Included are establishments responsible for the development of general statistical data and analyses and promotion of the general economic well-being of the Nation.

Consumer protection offices—governmentGeneral economic statistics agencies—government
Economic development agencies—governmentTrade commissions—government
Energy development and conservation agencies—nonoperating
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
9611Administration of General Economic Programs2,555
961100Administration of general economic programs944
96110000Administration of general economic programs944
961104Administration of general economic programs, level of government460
96110400Administration of general economic programs, level of goverment30
96110401Administration of general economic programs, Federal government93
96110402Administration of general economic programs, State government75
96110403Administration of general economic programs, County government121
96110404Administration of general economic programs, Local government141
961199Administration of general economic programs, nec1,151
96119901Consumer protection office, government96
96119902Economic development agency, government706
96119903Energy development and conservation agency, government285
96119904General economic statistics agency, government14
96119905Trade commission, government50