Industry: 9199—General Government, Not Elsewhere Classified
Government establishments primarily engaged in providing general support for government, which include personnel, auditing, procurement services, and building management services, and other general government establishments which cannot be classified in other industries. Public finance is classified in Industry 9311.

Civil rights commissions—governmentPersonnel agencies—government
Civil service commissions—governmentPurchasing and supply agencies—government
General accounting offices—governmentSupply agencies—government
General services departments—government
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
9199General Government, Nec14,321
919900General government, nec831
91990000General government, nec831
919901General government administration6,641
91990100General government administration5,753
91990101General accounting office, government152
91990102Personnel agency, government182
91990103Purchasing agency, government214
91990104Supply agency, government340
919904General government, level of government6,663
91990400General government, level of government239
91990401General government, Federal government455
91990402General government, State government1,397
91990403General government, County government1,860
91990404General government, Local government2,712
919999General government, nec, nec186
91999901Civil rights commission, government126
91999902Civil service commission, government60