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923110 - Administration of Education Programs

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Culture & History West VA DivMinatare Public Schools
Higher Education Ala Comm OnHigher Pennsylvna Edctn Asst
Bucklin School Dist R2Senatobia Municipal School Dst
Smithton Schl Dst Rorganized 6State Cncl Higher Education VA
Greene Community School DstMedicaid State of Miss Div

This industry comprises government establishments primarily engaged in the central coordination, planning, supervision, and administration of funds, policies, intergovernmental activities, statistical reports and data collection, and centralized programs for educational administration. Government scholarship programs are included in this industry.

Illustrative Examples:

Education offices, nonoperating, public administration
State education departments
Education statistics centers, government
University regents or boards, government


  • Schools and local school boards are classified in Subsector 611, Educational Services.
Index Entries for 923110
923110923110923110Certification of schools and teachers
923110923110923110County supervisors of education (except school boards)
923110923110923110Education offices, nonoperating
923110923110923110Education program administration
923110923110923110Education statistics centers, government
923110923110923110State education departments
923110923110923110Teacher certification bureaus
923110923110923110University regents or boards, government