NAICS Profile Page

Company DUNS#: 09-401-6391
Corporate Name:
Alpine Electronics America Inc
Tradestyle Name:
Alpine Electronics
Point of Contact:
19145 Gramercy Pl, Torrance CA 90501
Telephone: Restricted
Total Employees: 900Employees On Site: 200
Sales Volume: $379,167,837
Public/Private: PrivateYear Started: 1978
Latitude: 33.8556481Longitude: -118.3156928
NAICS 1: 423620Household Appliances, Electric Housewares, and Consumer Electronics Merchant Wholesalers
NAICS 2: 334310Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing
SIC 1: 50640202Radios, motor vehicle
SIC 2: 36510000Household audio and video equipment
Number of Family Members: 17