NAICS Code Description

334210 - Telephone Apparatus Manufacturing

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Ciena CorporationZayo Group LLC
Avaya Holdings CorpExtreme Networks Inc
Plantronics IncScientific-Atlanta LLC
Infinera CorporationAmerica Fujikura Ltd
Netgear IncCorning Optcal Cmmncations LLC

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing wire telephone and data communications equipment. These products may be stand-alone or board-level components of a larger system. Examples of products made by these establishments are central office switching equipment, cordless and wire telephones (except cellular), PBX equipment, telephone answering machines, LAN modems, multi-user modems, and other data communications equipment, such as bridges, routers, and gateways.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing internal and external computer modems, single-user fax/modems, and electronic components used in telephone apparatus--are classified in Industry 33441, Semiconductor and Other Electronic Component Manufacturing; and
  • Manufacturing cellular telephones--are classified in Industry 334220, Radio and Television Broadcasting and Wireless Communications Equipment Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 334210
334210334210334210334210Carrier equipment (i.e., analog, digital), telephone, manufacturing
334210334210334210334210Central office and switching equipment, telephone, manufacturing
334210334210334210334210Communications headgear, telephone, manufacturing
334210334210334210334210Cordless telephones (except cellular) manufacturing
334210334210334210334210Data communications equipment (e.g., bridges, gateways, routers) manufacturing
334210334210334210334210Facsimile equipment, stand-alone, manufacturing
334210334210334210334210Keysets, telephone, manufacturing
334210334210334210334210Local area network (LAN) communications equipment (e.g., bridges, gateways, routers) manufacturing
334210334210334210334210Modems, carrier equipment, manufacturing
334210334210334210334210Multiplex equipment, telephone, manufacturing
334210334210334210334210PBX (private branch exchange) equipment manufacturing
334210334210334210334210Private branch exchange (PBX) equipment manufacturing
334210334210334210334210Repeater and transceiver equipment, carrier line, manufacturing
334210334210334210334210Subscriber loop equipment, telephone, manufacturing
334210334210334210334210Switching equipment, telephone, manufacturing
334210334210334210334210Telephone answering machines manufacturing
334210334210334210334210Telephone carrier line equipment manufacturing
334210334210334210334210Telephone carrier switching equipment manufacturing
334210334210334210334210Telephones (except cellular telephone) manufacturing
334210334210334210334210Telephones, coin- or card-operated, manufacturing
334210334210334210334210Toll switching equipment, telephone, manufacturing
334210334210334210334210Wide area network communications equipment (e.g., bridges, gateways, routers) manufacturing