NAICS Code Description

521110 - Monetary Authorities-Central Bank

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Federal Reserve Bank Kansas CyFederal Reserve Bank Atlanta
Federal Reserve Bank St LouisFederal Reserve Bank Chicago
Federal Rserve Bnk MinneapolisFederal Rsrve Bnk of Phldlphia
Federal Rsrve Bnk of ClevelandFederal Reserve Bank Dallas

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in performing central banking functions, such as issuing currency, managing the Nation's money supply and international reserves, holding deposits that represent the reserves of other banks and other central banks, and acting as a fiscal agent for the central government.


  • Establishments of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System are classified in Industry 921130, Public Finance Activities.
Index Entries for 521110
521110521110521110Banking, central
521110521110521110Banks, Federal Reserve
521110521110521110Branches, Federal Reserve Bank
521110521110521110Central bank, monetary authorities
521110521110521110Check clearing activities of the central bank
521110521110521110Federal Reserve Banks or Branches
521110521110521110Financial transactions processing of the central bank
521110521110521110Monetary authorities, central bank