NAICS Code Description

423930 - Recyclable Material Merchant Wholesalers

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Lkq CorporationWm Recycle America LLC
Djj Holding CorporationSims Group USA Holdings Corp
Metal Management IncHeritage Environmental Svcs
Goldstein Group IncNewport Ch International LLC
Alter Trading CorporationSonoco Recycling LLC

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in the merchant wholesale distribution of automotive scrap, industrial scrap, and other recyclable materials. Included in this industry are auto wreckers primarily engaged in dismantling motor vehicles for the purpose of wholesaling scrap.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Dismantling motor vehicles for the purpose of selling used parts--are classified in Industry 423140, Motor Vehicle Parts (Used) Merchant Wholesalers; and
  • Operating facilities where commingled recyclable materials, such as paper, plastics, used beverage cans, and metals, are sorted into distinct categories--are classified in Industry 562920, Materials Recovery Facilities.
Index Entries for 423930
423930423930423930Bags, reclaimed, merchant wholesalers
423930423930423930Bottles, waste, merchant wholesalers
423930423930423930Boxes, waste, merchant wholesalers
423930423930423930Electronics parts, recyclable, merchant wholesalers
423930423930423930Fur cuttings and scraps merchant wholesalers
423930423930423930General-line scrap merchant wholesalers
423930423930423930Glass scrap merchant wholesalers
423930423930423930Industrial wastes to be reclaimed merchant wholesalers
423930423930423930Metal scrap and waste merchant wholesalers
423930423930423930Oil, waste, merchant wholesalers
423930423930423930Paper, scrap, merchant wholesalers
423930423930423930Plastics scrap merchant wholesalers
423930423930423930Rags merchant wholesalers
423930423930423930Recyclable materials (e.g., glass, metal, paper) merchant wholesalers
423930423930423930Rubber scrap and scrap tires merchant wholesalers
423930423930423930Salvage, scrap, merchant wholesalers
423930423930423930Scrap materials (e.g., automotive, industrial) merchant wholesalers
423930423930423930Ship dismantling (except at floating drydocks and shipyards) merchant wholesalers
423930423930423930Textile waste merchant wholesalers
423930423930423930Tires, scrap, merchant wholesalers
423930423930423930Waste materials merchant wholesalers