NAICS Code Description

339940 - Office Supplies (except Paper) Manufacturing

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Bic CorporationScribe Manufacturing Inc
Tyden Group Holdings CorpIdentity Holding Company LLC
National Pen Co LLCDnp Imagingcomm America Corp
Ennis-Flint IncInternational Imaging Mtls Inc
Bic USA IncSchwaab Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing office supplies. Examples of products made by these establishments are pens, pencils, felt tip markers, crayons, chalk, pencil sharpeners, staplers, modeling clay, hand operated stamps, stamp pads, stencils, carbon paper, and inked ribbons.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing writing, drawing, and india inks--are classified in U.S. Industry 325998, All Other Miscellaneous Chemical Product and Preparation Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing rubber erasers--are classified in U.S. Industry 326299, All Other Rubber Product Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing paper office supplies--are classified in Subsector 322, Paper Manufacturing;
  • Printing manifold business forms and manufacturing blankbooks, looseleaf binders, and looseleaf devices--are classified in U.S. Industry 323111, Commercial Printing (except Screen and Books);
  • Manufacturing drafting tables and boards--are classified in U.S. Industry 337127, Institutional Furniture Manufacturing; and
  • Manufacturing inkjet and toner cartridges--are classified in Industry Group 3259, Other Chemical Product and Preparation Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 339940
339942339940339940Artist's paint manufacturing
339942339940339940Artist's supplies (except paper) manufacturing
339941339940339940Ball point pens manufacturing
339942339940339940Blackboards, framed, manufacturing
339943339940339940Branding irons (i.e., marking irons) manufacturing
339942339940339940Brushes, artists', manufacturing
339942339940339940Canvas board, artist's, manufacturing
339942339940339940Canvas, artist's, prepared on frames, manufacturing
339944339940339940Carbon paper manufacturing
339942339940339940Chalk (e.g., artist's, blackboard, carpenter's, marking, tailor's), manufacturing
339942339940339940Chalkboards, framed, manufacturing
339942339940339940Clay, modeling, manufacturing
339942339940339940Crayons manufacturing
339943339940339940Date stamps, hand operated, manufacturing
339942339940339940Drafting materials (except instruments and tables) manufacturing
339942339940339940Easels, artists', manufacturing
339943339940339940Embossing stamps manufacturing
339941339940339940Felt tip markers manufacturing
339941339940339940Fountain pens manufacturing
339942339940339940Frames for artist's canvases (i.e., stretchers) manufacturing
339943339940339940Hand operated stamps (e.g., canceling, postmark, shoe, textile marking) manufacturing
339942339940339940Holepunchers, hand operated, manufacturing
339944339940339940Inked ribbons manufacturing
339942339940339940Label making equipment, handheld, manufacturing
339942339940339940List finders and roledex address files manufacturing
339942339940339940Marker boards (i.e., whiteboards) manufacturing
339943339940339940Marking devices manufacturing
339942339940339940Mechanical pencil refills manufacturing
339941339940339940Mechanical pencils manufacturing
339943339940339940Metal hand stamps manufacturing
339942339940339940Modeling clay manufacturing
339941339940339940Nibs (i.e., pen points) manufacturing
339942339940339940Paints, artist's, manufacturing
339942339940339940Palettes, artist's, manufacturing
339942339940339940Paper cutters, office-type, manufacturing
339944339940339940Paper, carbon, manufacturing
339944339940339940Paper, stencil, manufacturing
339941339940339940Pen refills and cartridges manufacturing
339942339940339940Pencil leads manufacturing
339942339940339940Pencil sharpeners manufacturing
33994339940339940Pencils manufacturing
339941339940339940Pens manufacturing
339944339940339940Ribbons (e.g., cash register, printer, typewriter), inked, manufacturing
339944339940339940Ribbons, inked, manufacturing
339943339940339940Rubber stamps manufacturing
339943339940339940Seal presses (e.g., notary), hand operated, manufacturing
339943339940339940Stamp pads manufacturing
339943339940339940Stamping devices, hand operated, manufacturing
339942339940339940Staple removers manufacturing
339942339940339940Staplers manufacturing
339944339940339940Stencil paper manufacturing
339943339940339940Stencils for painting and marking (e.g., cardboard, metal) manufacturing
339942339940339940Tape dispensers manufacturing
339944339940339940Typewriter ribbons manufacturing
339942339940339940Water colors, artist's, manufacturing