NAICS Code Description

314994 - Rope, Cordage, Twine, Tire Cord, and Tire Fabric Mills

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North Amercn Interconnect LLCEquibrand Products Group LP
Samson Rope Technologies IncAdvanced Flxble Composites Inc
Bay Associates Wire Tech CorpI & I Sling Inc
Cortland Company IncAll-Lift Systems Inc
Tex-Tech Coatings LLCNoreastern Trawl Systems Inc

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in (1) manufacturing rope, cable, cordage, twine, and related products from all materials (e.g., abaca, sisal, henequen, cotton, paper, jute, flax, manmade fibers including glass) and/or (2) manufacturing cord and fabric of polyester, rayon, cotton, glass, steel, or other materials for use in reinforcing rubber tires, industrial belting, and similar uses.


  • Establishments primarily engaged in spinning yarns and filaments are classified in Industry 313110, Fiber, Yarn, and Thread Mills.
Index Entries for 314994
31499314994314994Cord (except wire) manufacturing
314991314994314994Cord for reinforcing rubber tires, industrial belting, and fuel cells manufacturing
314991314994314994Cordage (except wire) manufacturing
314991314994314994Fabricated rope products (e.g., nets, slings) made in cordage or twine mills
314992314994314994Fabrics for reinforcing rubber tires, industrial belting, and fuel cells manufacturing
314992314994314994Industrial belting reinforcement, cord and fabric, manufacturing
314991314994314994Ropes (except wire rope) manufacturing
314991314994314994Strings (except musical instrument) manufacturing
314992314994314994Tire cord and fabric, all materials, manufacturing
314991314994314994Twines manufacturing