NAICS Code Description

314120 - Curtain and Linen Mills

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R B Pamplin CorporationAmerican Textile Company Inc
Pacific Coast Feather LLCJordan Manufacturing Co Inc
Himatsingka America IncCathay Home Inc
Kaltex North America IncManual Woodworkers Weavers Inc
Brentwood Originals IncArlee Home Fashions Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing household textile products, such as curtains, draperies, linens, bedspreads, sheets, tablecloths, towels, and shower curtains, from purchased materials. The household textile products may be made on a stock or custom basis for sale to individual retail customers.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Weaving broadwoven fabrics--are classified in Industry 313210, Broadwoven Fabric Mills;
  • Manufacturing lace curtains on lace machines--are classified in Industry 313240, Knit Fabric Mills;
  • Manufacturing textile blanket, wardrobe, and laundry bags--are classified in Industry 314910, Textile Bag and Canvas Mills; and
  • Manufacturing mops--are classified in U.S. Industry 339994, Broom, Brush, and Mop Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 314120
314129314120314120Bedspreads and bed sets made from purchased fabrics
314129314120314120Blankets (except electric) made from purchased fabrics or felts
314129314120314120Comforters made from purchased fabrics
314121314120314120Curtains and draperies, window, made from purchased fabrics
314129314120314120Cushions (except carpet, springs) made from purchased fabrics
314121314120314120Draperies made from purchased fabrics or sheet goods
314129314120314120Linens made from purchased materials
314129314120314120Napkins made from purchased fabrics
314129314120314120Pads and protectors (e.g., ironing board, mattress, table), textile, made from purchased fabrics or felts
314129314120314120Pillowcases, bed, made from purchased fabrics
314129314120314120Pillows, bed, made from purchased materials
314129314120314120Placemats, all materials, made from purchased materials
314129314120314120Quilts made from purchased materials
314129314120314120Sheets and pillowcases made from purchased fabrics
314129314120314120Shower and bath curtains, all materials, made from purchased fabric or sheet goods
314129314120314120Slipcovers, all materials, made from purchased materials
314129314120314120Tablecloths (except paper) made from purchased materials
314129314120314120Towels or washcloths made from purchased fabrics