NAICS Code Description

311911 - Roasted Nuts and Peanut Butter Manufacturing

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John B Sanfilippo & Son IncKanan Enterprises Inc
Diamond Foods LLCHughson Nut Inc
Wonderful Pstchios Almonds LLCOnce Again Nut Butter Collectv
Knpc Holdco LLCStewart & Jasper Marketing Inc
Primex Farms LLCStahmann Farms Inc

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in one or more of the following: (1) salting, roasting, drying, cooking, or canning nuts; (2) processing grains or seeds into snacks; and (3) manufacturing peanut butter.


  • Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing chocolate or candy-coated nuts and candy-covered popcorn are classified in Industry Group 3113, Sugar and Confectionery Product Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 311911
311911311911311911Canned nuts manufacturing
311911311911311911Nuts, kernels and seeds, roasting and processing
311911311911311911Nuts, salted, roasted, cooked, canned, manufacturing
311911311911311911Peanut butter blended with jelly manufacturing
311911311911311911Peanut butter manufacturing
311911311911311911Roasted nuts and seeds manufacturing
311911311911311911Seeds, snack (e.g., canned, cooked, roasted, salted) manufacturing