Standard Industrial Code Divisions

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83 - Social Services  

Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
83Social Services392,102
8322Individual and Family Services164,844
832200Individual and family services58,797
83220000Individual and family services58,797
832201Geriatric social service16,719
83220100Geriatric social service2,917
83220101Adult day care center4,272
83220102Old age assistance1,016
83220103Senior citizens' center or association8,514
832202Child related social services10,447
83220200Child related social services4,304
83220201Adoption services1,571
83220202Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC)91
83220203Child guidance agency526
83220204Childrens' aid society407
83220205Youth center3,259
83220206Youth self-help agency289
832203Emergency social services6,377
83220300Emergency social services1,704
83220301Crisis center788
83220302Crisis intervention center871
83220303Disaster service717
83220304Emergency shelters1,428
83220305First aid service384
83220307Temporary relief service178
832204Rehabilitation services5,718
83220400Rehabilitation services3,511
83220401Offender rehabilitation agency157
83220402Offender self-help agency47
83220403Parole office375
83220404Probation office1,628
832205Family counseling services15,607
83220500Family counseling services11,595
83220501Family (marriage) counseling2,628
83220502Family location service72
83220503Family service agency803
83220504Homemakers' service509
832206General counseling services44,788
83220600General counseling services16,683
83220601Community center9,870
83220602Helping hand service (Big Brother, etc.)322
83220603Multi-service center336
83220604Neighborhood center202
83220605Outreach program2,831
83220606Public welfare center383
83220607Referral service for personal and social problems789
83220608Self-help organization, nec781
83220609Service league109
83220610Social service center7,324
83220611Social worker5,101
83220612Telephone counseling service57
832207Social services for the handicapped2,880
83220700Social services for the handicapped1,825
83220701Association for the handicapped1,055
832208Substance abuse counseling2,364
83220800Substance abuse counseling870
83220801Alcoholism counseling, nontreatment1,055
83220802Drug abuse counselor, nontreatment439
832299Individual and family services, nec1,147
83229901Meal delivery program650
83229902Refugee service170
83229903Settlement house155
83229904Travelers' aid172
8331Job Training and Related Services13,513
833100Job training and related services6,629
83310000Job training and related services6,629
833101Job training services4,353
83310100Job training services1,731
83310101Community service employment training program882
83310102Manpower training120
83310103Skill training center954
83310104Vocational training agency572
83310105Work experience center94
833199Job training and related services, nec2,531
83319901Job counseling480
83319902Sheltered workshop655
83319903Vocational rehabilitation agency1,396
8351Child Day Care Services151,842
835100Child day care services112,513
83510000Child day care services112,513
835199Child day care services, nec39,329
83519901Group day care center18,748
83519902Head Start center, except in conjunction with school3,795
83519903Montessori child development center2,686
83519904Nursery school2,398
83519905Preschool center11,702
8361Residential Care32,055
836100Residential care12,040
83610000Residential care12,040
836101Residential care for children4,687
83610100Residential care for children1,611
83610101Boys' towns101
83610102Children's boarding home65
83610103Children's home863
83610104Children's villages20
83610105Group foster home1,845
836102Juvenile correctional facilities650
83610200Juvenile correctional facilities288
83610201Halfway home for delinquents and offenders149
83610202Juvenile correctional home163
83610203Training school for delinquents50
836103Residential care for the handicapped4,551
83610300Residential care for the handicapped1,539
83610301Deaf or blind home107
83610302Mentally handicapped home1,656
83610303Physically handicapped home429
83610304Retarded home820
836104Geriatric residential care6,104
83610400Geriatric residential care2,087
83610401Aged home3,263
83610402Old soldiers' home32
83610403Rest home, with health care incidental722
836199Residential care, nec4,023
83619901Destitute home372
83619902Emotionally disturbed home252
83619903Halfway group home, persons with social or personal problems779
83619904Rehabilitation center, residential: health care incidental1,503
83619905Self-help group home1,117
8399Social Services, Nec29,848
839900Social services, nec9,404
83990000Social services, nec9,404
839901Community development groups8,078
83990100Community development groups5,443
83990101Community action agency1,979
83990102Community chest142
83990103Neighborhood development group514
839999Social services, nec, nec12,366
83999901Advocacy group2,652
83999902Antipoverty board142
83999903Council for social agency646
83999904Fund raising organization, non-fee basis3,835
83999905Health and welfare council1,119
83999906Health systems agency1,421
83999907Regional planning organization182
83999908Social change association1,051
83999909Social service information exchange1,126
83999910United Fund councils192

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