Standard Industrial Code Divisions

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82 - Educational Services  

Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
82Educational Services355,061
8211Elementary and Secondary Schools195,329
821100Elementary and secondary schools32,161
82110000Elementary and secondary schools32,161
821101Catholic elementary and secondary schools6,018
82110100Catholic elementary and secondary schools3,198
82110101Catholic combined elementary and secondary school282
82110102Catholic elementary school1,842
82110103Catholic junior high school124
82110104Catholic senior high school486
82110105Catholic special education school70
82110106Catholic vocational/technical school16
821102Private elementary and secondary schools34,461
82110200Private elementary and secondary schools12,473
82110202Boarding school201
82110203Military academy298
82110204Preparatory school1,107
82110205Private combined elementary and secondary school988
82110206Private elementary school2,066
82110207Private junior high school218
82110208Private senior high school419
82110209Private special education school464
82110210Private vocational/technical school98
821103Public elementary and secondary schools105,329
82110300Public elementary and secondary schools71,245
82110301Public adult education school557
82110302Public combined elementary and secondary school2,525
82110303Public elementary school20,124
82110304Public junior high school4,023
82110305Public senior high school5,770
82110306Public special education school668
82110307Public vocational/technical school417
821104Specialty education3,133
82110400Specialty education2,444
82110401School for physically handicapped, nec402
82110402School for retarded, nec287
821199Elementary and secondary schools, nec14,227
82119901Elementary school, nec8,592
82119902Finishing school, secondary16
82119903High school, junior or senior, nec2,896
82119905School board858
82119906Secondary school, nec516
82119907Sectarian school8
82119909Vocational high school, nec145
8221Colleges and Universities31,034
822100Colleges and universities10,682
82210000Colleges and universities10,682
822101Colleges and universities18,299
82210100Colleges and universities1,324
82210101College, except junior1,617
822102Professional schools2,053
82210200Professional schools1,657
82210201Service academy89
82210202Theological seminary307
8222Junior Colleges4,552
822200Junior colleges648
82220000Junior colleges648
822299Junior colleges, nec3,904
82229901Community college2,548
82229902Junior college443
82229903Technical institute913
823101Specialized libraries810
82310100Specialized libraries167
82310101Law library325
82310102Medical library216
82310103Religious library102
823102College and military post libraries551
82310200College and military post libraries24
82310201College or university library496
82310202Junior college library7
82310203Military post library24
823103General public libraries6,161
82310300General public libraries2,012
82310301Circulating library28
82310302Government library168
82310303Lending library76
82310304Public library3,877
823104Library services893
82310400Library services557
82310401Book rental40
82310402Documentation center296
8243Data Processing Schools3,944
824300Data processing schools1,390
82430000Data processing schools1,390
824399Data processing schools, nec2,554
82439901Operator training, computer768
82439902Repair training, computer211
82439903Software training, computer1,575
8244Business and Secretarial Schools1,340
824400Business and secretarial schools461
82440000Business and secretarial schools461
824499Business and secretarial schools, nec879
82449901Business college or school689
82449902Commercial school56
82449903Court reporting school101
82449904Secretarial school33
8249Vocational Schools, Nec10,083
824900Vocational schools, nec3,550
82490000Vocational schools, nec3,550
824901Trade school1,273
82490100Trade school773
82490101Construction operation school81
82490102Vocational apprentice training419
824902Business training services1,917
82490200Business training services1,444
82490201Banking school, training23
82490202Real estate and insurance school450
824903Medical training services1,738
82490300Medical training services1,266
82490301Medical and dental assistant school280
82490302Practical nursing school192
824999Vocational schools, nec, nec1,605
82499901Aviation school879
82499902Civil service training school82
82499903Commercial art school256
82499904Correspondence school83
82499905Restaurant operation school19
82499906Travel agent school286
8299Schools and Educational Services80,720
829900Schools and educational services, nec21,841
82990000Schools and educational services, nec21,841
829901Arts and crafts schools2,542
82990100Arts and crafts schools1,112
82990101Art school, except commercial861
82990102Ceramic school183
82990103Floral arrangement instruction386
829902Educational services32,955
82990200Educational services23,848
82990201Educational service, nondegree granting: continuing educ.2,196
82990202Tutoring school6,911
829903Music and drama schools7,193
82990300Music and drama schools1,066
82990301Dramatic school258
82990302Music school2,253
82990303Musical instrument lessons3,078
82990304Voice lessons538
829904Vehicle driving school5,758
82990400Vehicle driving school4,515
82990401Automobile driving instruction942
82990402Truck driving training301
829905Reading and speaking schools3,599
82990500Reading and speaking schools936
82990501Diction school19
82990502Language school1,970
82990503Public speaking school425
82990504Reading school, including speed reading249
829999Schools and educational services, nec, nec6,832
82999901Airline training323
82999902Bartending school368
82999903Baton instruction90
82999904Bible school429
82999905Cooking school459
82999906Dressmaking school7
82999907Finishing school, charm and modeling187
82999908Flying instruction524
82999909Hypnosis school55
82999910Meditation therapy929
82999911Personal development school920
82999912Prenatal instruction49
82999913Religious school953
82999914Self-defense and athletic instruction631
82999915Student exchange program255
82999916Survival school77
82999917Vocational counseling576

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