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58 - Eating and Drinking Places  

Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
58Eating and Drinking Places682,682
5812Eating Places618,715
581200Eating places104,723
58120000Eating places104,723
581201Ethnic food restaurants109,944
58120100Ethnic food restaurants5,482
58120101American restaurant12,521
58120102Cajun restaurant454
58120103Chinese restaurant27,925
58120104French restaurant1,126
58120105German restaurant315
58120106Greek restaurant1,216
58120107Indian/Pakistan restaurant2,035
58120108Italian restaurant12,532
58120109Japanese restaurant6,439
58120110Korean restaurant749
58120111Lebanese restaurant107
58120112Mexican restaurant28,690
58120113Spanish restaurant539
58120114Sushi bar3,606
58120115Thai restaurant4,767
58120116Vietnamese restaurant1,396
58120117Pakistani restaurant45
581202Ice cream, soft drink and soda fountain stands19,471
58120200Ice cream, soft drink and soda fountain stands1,779
58120202Frozen yogurt stand1,228
58120203Ice cream stands or dairy bars12,548
58120204Snow cone stand261
58120205Soda fountain130
58120206Soft drink stand681
581203Fast food restaurants and stands157,330
58120300Fast food restaurants and stands3,783
58120301Box lunch stand81
58120302Carry-out only (except pizza) restaurant3,899
58120303Chili stand159
58120304Coffee shop16,397
58120305Delicatessen (eating places)13,388
58120306Drive-in restaurant5,471
58120307Fast-food restaurant, chain51,885
58120308Fast-food restaurant, independent4,132
58120309Food bars359
58120310Grills (eating places)16,397
58120311Hamburger stand2,198
58120312Hot dog stand2,632
58120313Sandwiches and submarines shop34,921
58120314Snack bar1,194
58120315Snack shop434
581204Lunchrooms and cafeterias5,432
58120400Lunchrooms and cafeterias1,835
58120401Automat (eating places)32
58120405Restaurant, lunch counter472
581205Family restaurants49,094
58120500Family restaurants27,541
58120501Restaurant, family: chain15,770
58120502Restaurant, family: independent5,783
581206Pizza restaurants66,756
58120600Pizza restaurants40,683
58120601Pizzeria, chain23,390
58120602Pizzeria, independent2,683
581207Seafood restaurants9,612
58120700Seafood restaurants9,002
58120701Oyster bar225
58120702Seafood shack385
581208Steak and barbecue restaurants21,993
58120800Steak and barbecue restaurants1,498
58120801Barbecue restaurant12,586
58120802Steak restaurant7,909
581299Eating places, nec74,360
58129901Buffet (eating places)3,166
58129904Chicken restaurant5,450
58129905Commissary restaurant74
58129906Contract food services1,428
58129908Dinner theater164
58129909Health food restaurant419
5813Drinking Places63,967
581300Drinking places13,397
58130000Drinking places13,397
581301Bars and lounges44,962
58130100Bars and lounges6,353
58130101Bar (drinking places)13,903
58130102Beer garden (drinking places)129
58130103Cocktail lounge7,353
58130105Tavern (drinking places)15,364
58130106Wine bar700
581302Night clubs5,608
58130200Night clubs5,232
58130203Gentlemens club91

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