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 813910 Business Associations

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in promoting the business interests of their members. These establishments may conduct research on new products and services; develop market statistics; sponsor quality and certification standards; lobby public officials; or publish newsletters, books, or periodicals for distribution to their members.


  • Establishments owned by their members but organized to perform a specific business function, such as common marketing of crops, joint advertising, or buying cooperatives, are classified according to their primary activity;
  • Establishments primarily engaged in promoting the professional interests of their members and the profession as a whole are classified in Industry 813920, Professional Organizations;
  • Establishments primarily engaged in promoting the interests of organized labor and union employees, such as trade unions, are classified in Industry 813930, Labor Unions and Similar Labor Organizations; and
  • Establishments primarily engaged in lobbying public officials (i.e., lobbyists) are classified in Industry 541820, Public Relations Agencies.
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    Corresponding Index Entries
    8139108139108699Agricultural organizations (except youth farming organizations, farm granges)
    8139108139108611Animal breeders' associations
    8139108139108611Bankers' associations
    8139108139108611Better business bureaus
    8139108139108611Boards of trade
    8139108139108611Business associations
    8139108139108611Chambers of commerce
    8139108139108611Construction associations
    8139108139108611Contractors' associations
    8139108139108611Distributors' associations
    8139108139108699Farmers' associations
    8139108139108699Farmers' unions
    8139108139108611Growers' associations
    8139108139108611Hospital associations
    8139108139108611Industrial associations
    8139108139108611Insurers' associations
    8139108139108611Junior chambers of commerce
    8139108139108611Manufacturers' associations
    8139108139108611Merchants' associations
    8139108139108611Mining associations
    8139108139108611Producers' associations
    8139108139108611Public utility associations
    8139108139108611Real estate boards
    8139108139108611Restaurant associations
    8139108139108611Retailers' associations
    8139108139108611Service industries associations
    8139108139108611Shipping companies' associations
    8139108139108611Trade associations
    8139108139108611Warehousing associations
    8139108139108611Wholesalers' associations