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 813410 Civic and Social Organizations

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in promoting the civic and social interests of their members. Establishments in this industry may operate bars and restaurants for their members.


  • Establishments of insurance offices operated by fraternal benefit organizations are classified in Subsector 524, Insurance Carriers and Related Activities;
  • Establishments primarily engaged in operating residential fraternity and sorority houses are classified in Industry 721310, Rooming and Boarding Houses; and
  • Establishments primarily engaged in providing travel arrangements and reservation services, such as automobile travel clubs or motor travel clubs are classified in U.S. Industry 561599, All Other Travel Arrangement and Reservation Services.
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    Corresponding Index Entries
    8134108134108641Alumni associations
    8134108134108641Alumni clubs
    8134108134108699Automobile clubs (except road and travel services)
    8134108134108699Book discussion clubs
    8134108134108641Booster clubs
    8134108134108641Boy guiding organizations
    8134108134108641Civic associations
    8134108134108699Classic car clubs
    8134108134108699Computer enthusiasts clubs
    8134108134108641Ethnic associations
    8134108134108699Farm granges
    8134108134108641Fraternal associations or lodges, social or civic
    8134108134108641Fraternal lodges
    8134108134108641Fraternal organizations
    8134108134108641Fraternities (except residential)
    8134108134108641Garden clubs
    8134108134108641Girl guiding organizations
    8134108134108641Golden age clubs
    8134108134108699Historical clubs
    8134108134108641Membership associations, civic or social
    8134108134108641Parent-teachers' associations
    8134108134108699Poetry clubs
    8134108134108699Public speaking improvement clubs
    8134108134108641Retirement associations, social
    8134108134108641Scouting organizations
    8134108134108641Senior citizens' associations, social
    8134108134108641Singing societies
    8134108134108641Social clubs
    8134108134108641Social organizations, civic and fraternal
    8134108134108641Sororities (except residential)
    8134108134108699Speakers' clubs
    8134108134108641Student clubs
    8134108134108641Students' associations
    8134108134108641Students' unions
    8134108134108641University clubs
    8134108134108641Veterans' membership organizations
    8134108134108641Women's auxiliaries
    8134108134108641Women's clubs
    8134108134108699Writing clubs
    8134108134108641Youth civic clubs
    8134108134108641Youth clubs (except recreational only)
    8134108134108641Youth farming organizations
    8134108134108641Youth scouting organizations
    8134108134108641Youth social clubs