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 813211 Grantmaking Foundations

This U.S. industry comprises establishments known as grantmaking foundations or charitable trusts. Establishments in this industry award grants from trust funds based on a competitive selection process or the preferences of the foundation managers and grantors; or fund a single entity, such as a museum or university.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in providing trust management services for others are classified in Industry 523920, Portfolio Management.
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Corresponding Index Entries
8132118132116732Charitable trusts, awarding grants
8132118132116732Community foundations
8132118132116732Corporate foundations, awarding grants
8132118132116732Educational trusts, awarding grants
8132118132116732Grantmaking foundations
8132118132116732Philanthropic trusts, awarding grants
8132118132116732Scholarship trusts (i.e., grantmaking, charitable trust foundations)
8132118132116732Trusts, charitable, awarding grants
8132118132116732Trusts, educational, awarding grants
8132118132116732Trusts, religious, awarding grants