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 624229 Other Community Housing Services

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing one or more of the following community housing services: (1) transitional housing to low-income individuals and families; (2) volunteer construction or repair of low-cost housing, in partnership with the homeowner who may assist in the construction or repair work; and (3) the repair of homes for elderly or disabled homeowners. These establishments may subsidize housing using existing homes, apartments, hotels, or motels or may require a low-cost mortgage or sweat equity. These establishments may also provide low-income families with furniture and household supplies.

Cross-References. Central offices of government housing programs are classified in Industry 925110, Administration of Housing Programs.
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Corresponding Index Entries
6242296242298322Energy assistance programs
6242296242298322Home construction organizations, work (sweat) equity
6242296242298322Housing assistance agencies
6242296242298322Housing repair organizations, volunteer
6242296242298322Transitional housing agencies
6242296242298322Volunteer housing repair organizations
6242296242298322Work (sweat) equity home construction organizations