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 624190 Other Individual and Family Services

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing nonresidential individual and family social assistance services (except those specifically directed toward children, the elderly, persons diagnosed with mental retardation, or persons with disabilities).

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

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Corresponding Index Entries
6241906241908322Alcoholism and drug addiction self-help organizations
6241906241908322Alcoholism counseling (except medical treatment), nonresidential
6241906241908322Alcoholism self-help organizations
6241906241908322Community action service agencies
6241906241908322Counseling services
6241906241908322Crisis intervention centers
6241906241908322Drug addiction self-help organizations
6241906241908322Exoffender rehabilitation agencies
6241906241908322Exoffender self-help organizations
6241906241908322Family social service agencies
6241906241908322Family welfare services
6241906241908322Hotline centers
6241906241908322Individual and family social services, multi-purpose
6241906241908322Marriage counseling services (except by offices of mental health practitioners)
6241906241908322Mediation, social service, family, agencies
6241906241908322Multiservice centers, neighborhood
6241906241908322Offender self-help organizations
6241906241908322Parenting support services
6241906241908322Private parole offices
6241906241908322Private probation offices
6241906241908322Rape crisis centers
6241906241908322Referral services for personal and social problems
6241906241908322Rehabilitation agencies for offenders
6241906241908322Self-help organizations (except for disabled persons, the elderly, persons diagno
6241906241908322Social service agencies, family
6241906241908322Social service centers, multipurpose
6241906241908322Suicide crisis centers
6241906241908322Support group services
6241906241908322Telephone counseling services
6241906241908322Travelers' aid centers
6241906241908322Welfare service centers, multi-program