2007 NAICS Definitions

561450 Credit Bureaus

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in compiling information, such as credit and employment histories on individuals and credit histories on businesses, and providing the information to financial institutions, retailers, and others who have a need to evaluate the creditworthiness of these persons and businesses.

Illustrative Examples:

Credit agencies Credit rating services Credit investigation services Credit reporting bureaus

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Corresponding Index Entries
561450561450 561450 Commercial credit reporting bureaus
561450561450 561450 Consumer credit reporting bureaus
561450561450 561450 Credit agencies
561450561450 561450 Credit bureaus
561450561450 561450 Credit investigation services
561450561450 561450 Credit rating services
561450561450 561450 Credit reporting bureaus
561450561450 561450 Investigation services, credit
561450561450 561450 Mercantile credit reporting bureaus