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 541940 Veterinary Services

This industry comprises establishments of licensed veterinary practitioners primarily engaged in the practice of veterinary medicine, dentistry, or surgery for animals; and establishments primarily engaged in providing testing services for licensed veterinary practitioners.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

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Corresponding Index Entries
5419405419400742Animal hospitals
5419405419400742Disease testing services, veterinary
5419405419400741Hospitals, animal
541940541940 Internists' offices, veterinary
5419405419408734Laboratory testing services, veterinary
5419405419400741Livestock inspecting and testing services, veterinary
5419405419400741Livestock veterinary services
5419405419400742Pet hospitals
5419405419400742Small animal veterinary services
5419405419400742Surgeons' offices, veterinary
5419405419400741Surgery services, veterinary
5419405419400742Testing laboratories, veterinary
5419405419408734Testing services for veterinarians
5419405419400741Vaccination services, veterinary
5419405419400742Veterinarians' offices
5419405419400741Veterinarians' practices
5419405419400741Veterinary clinics
541940541940 Veterinary services
5419405419400741Veterinary services, livestock
5419405419400742Veterinary services, pets and other animal specialties
5419405419408734Veterinary testing laboratories