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 541330 Engineering Services

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in applying physical laws and principles of engineering in the design, development, and utilization of machines, materials, instruments, structures, processes, and systems. The assignments undertaken by these establishments may involve any of the following activities: provision of advice, preparation of feasibility studies, preparation of preliminary and final plans and designs, provision of technical services during the construction or installation phase, inspection and evaluation of engineering projects, and related services.

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Corresponding Index Entries
5413305413308711Acoustical engineering consulting services
5413305413308711Acoustical system engineering design services
5413305413308711Boat engineering design services
5413305413308711Chemical engineering services
5413305413308711Civil engineering services
5413305413308711Combustion engineering consulting services
5413305413308711Construction engineering services
5413305413308711Consulting engineers' offices
5413305413308711Consulting engineers' private practices
5413305413308711Electrical engineering services
5413305413308711Engineering consulting services
5413305413308711Engineering design services
5413305413308711Engineering services
5413305413308711Engineers' offices
5413305413308711Engineers' private practices
5413305413308711Environmental engineering services
5413305413308711Erosion control engineering services
5413305413308711Geological engineering services
5413305413308711Geophysical engineering services
5413305413308711Heating engineering consulting services
5413305413308711Industrial engineering services
5413305413308711Logging engineering services
5413305413308711Marine engineering services
5413305413308711Mechanical engineering services
5413305413308711Mining engineering services
5413305413308711Petroleum engineering services
5413305413308748Traffic engineering consulting services