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 541110 Offices of Lawyers

This industry comprises offices of legal practitioners known as lawyers or attorneys (i.e., counselors-at-law) primarily engaged in the practice of law. Establishments in this industry may provide expertise in a range or in specific areas of law, such as criminal law, corporate law, family and estate law, patent law, real estate law, or tax law.

Cross-References. Establishments of legal practitioners (except lawyers or attorneys) primarily engaged in providing specialized legal or paralegal services are classified in Industry 54119, Other Legal Services.
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Corresponding Index Entries
5411105411108111Attorneys' offices
5411105411108111Attorneys' private practices
5411105411108111Barristers' offices
5411105411108111Barristers' private practices
5411105411108111Corporate law offices
5411105411108111Counselors' at law offices
5411105411108111Counselors' at law private practices
5411105411108111Criminal law offices
5411105411108111Estate law offices
5411105411108111Family law offices
5411105411108111Law firms
5411105411108111Law offices
5411105411108111Law practices
5411105411108111Lawyers' offices
5411105411108111Lawyers' private practices
5411105411108111Legal aid services
5411105411108111Patent attorneys' offices
5411105411108111Patent attorneys' private practices
5411105411108111Real estate law offices
5411105411108111Solicitors' offices, private
5411105411108111Solicitors' private practices
5411105411108111Tax law attorneys' offices
5411105411108111Tax law attorneys' private practices