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 531210 Offices of Real Estate Agents and Brokers

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in acting as agents and/or brokers in one or more of the following: (1) selling real estate for others; (2) buying real estate for others; and (3) renting real estate for others.
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Corresponding Index Entries
5312105312106531Agencies, real estate
5312105312106531Agents, real estate
5312105312106531Brokerages, real estate
5312105312106531Brokers' offices, real estate
5312105312106531Buyers' agents, real estate, offices
5312105312106531Buying agencies, real estate
5312105312106531Buying real estate for others (i.e., agents, brokers)
5312105312106531Commercial real estate agencies
5312105312106531Commercial real estate agents' offices
5312105312106531Exclusive buyers' agencies
5312105312106531Exclusive buyers' agents, offices of
5312105312106531Real estate agencies
5312105312106531Real estate agents' offices
5312105312106531Real estate brokerages
5312105312106531Real estate brokers' offices
5312105312106531Renting real estate for others (i.e., agents, brokers)
5312105312106531Residential real estate agencies
5312105312106531Residential real estate agents' offices
5312105312106531Residential real estate brokerages
5312105312106531Residential real estate brokers' offices
5312105312106531Selling real estate for others (i.e., agents, brokers)