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 522220 Sales Financing

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in sales financing or sales financing in combination with leasing. Sales financing establishments are primarily engaged in lending money for the purpose of providing collateralized goods through a contractual installment sales agreement, either directly from or through arrangements with dealers.

Cross-References. Establishments not engaged in sales financing, but primarily engaged in providing leases for equipment and other assets are classified in Subsector 532, Rental and Leasing Services.
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Corresponding Index Entries
5222205222206159Automobile finance leasing companies
5222205222206141Automobile financing
5222205222206159Equipment finance leasing
522220522220 Financing, sales
5222205222206141Installment sales financing
5222205222206159Leasing in combination with sales financing
5222205222206159Machinery finance leasing
522220522220 Sales financing
5222205222206159Truck finance leasing