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 515210 Cable and Other Subscription Programming

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in operating studios and facilities for the broadcasting of programs on a subscription or fee basis. The broadcast programming is typically narrowcast in nature (e.g., limited format, such as news, sports, education, or youth-oriented). These establishments produce programming in their own facilities or acquire programming from external sources. The programming material is usually delivered to a third party, such as cable systems or direct-to-home satellite systems, for transmission to viewers.

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5152105132104841Cable broadcasting networks
5152105132104841Cable television networks
5152105132104841Networks, cable television
5152105132104841Pay television networks
5152105132104841Pay-per-view cable programming
5152105132104841Satellite television networks
5152105132104841Specialty television (e.g., music, sports, news) cable networks
5152105132104841Subscription television networks
5152105132104841Television subscription services