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 512230 Music Publishers

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in acquiring and registering copyrights for musical compositions in accordance with law and promoting and authorizing the use of these compositions in recordings, radio, television, motion pictures, live performances, print, or other media. Establishments in this industry represent the interests of the songwriter or other owners of musical compositions to produce revenues from the use of such works, generally through licensing agreements. These establishments may own the copyright or act as administrator of the music copyrights on behalf of copyright owners. Publishers of music books and sheet music are included in this industry.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged as independent songwriters who act as their own publishers are classified in Industry 711510, Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers.
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Corresponding Index Entries
5122305122302731Music book (i.e., bound sheet music) publishers
5122305122302731Music book (i.e., bound sheet music) publishers and printing combined
5122305122308999Music copyright authorizing use
5122305122308999Music copyright buying and licensing
512230512230 Music publishers
5122305122302741Music, sheet, publishers and printing combined
5122305122302741Publishers, music
5122305122302741Sheet music publishers
5122305122302741Sheet music publishers and printing combined
5122305122302741Song publishers
5122305122302741Song publishers and printing combined