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 512220 Integrated Record Production/Distribution

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in releasing, promoting, and distributing sound recordings. These establishments manufacture or arrange for the manufacture of recordings, such as audio tapes/cassettes and compact discs, and promote and distribute these products to wholesalers, retailers, or directly to the public. Establishments in this industry produce master recordings themselves, or obtain reproduction and distribution rights to master recordings produced by record production companies or other integrated record companies.

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Corresponding Index Entries
5122205122203652Integrated record companies (i.e., releasing, promoting, distributing)
5122205122203652Integrated record production and distribution
5122205122203652Musical recording, releasing, promoting, and distributing
5122205122203652Prerecorded audio tapes and compact discs integrated manufacture, release, and di
5122205122203652Record releasing, promoting, and distributing combined with mass duplication
5122205122203652Sound recording, integrated production, reproduction, release, and distribution
5122205122203652Sound recording, releasing, promoting, and distributing