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 511110 Newspaper Publishers

This industry comprises establishments known as newspaper publishers. Establishments in this industry carry out operations necessary for producing and distributing newspapers, including gathering news; writing news columns, feature stories, and editorials; and selling and preparing advertisements. These establishments may publish newspapers in print or electronic form.


  • Establishments publishing newspapers exclusively on the Internet are classified in Industry 516110, Internet Publishing and Broadcasting;
  • Establishments primarily engaged in printing newspapers without publishing are classified in Industry 323110, Printing;
  • Establishments, such as trade associations, schools and universities, and social welfare organizations that publish newsletters for distribution to their membership, but that are not commonly known as newspaper publishers, are classified according to their primary activity designation;
  • Establishments primarily engaged in supplying the news media with information, such as news, reports, and pictures, are classified in Industry 519110, News Syndicates; and
  • Establishments of independent representatives primarily engaged in selling advertising space are classified in Industry 541840, Media Representatives.
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    Corresponding Index Entries
    5111105111102711Newspaper branch offices
    5111105111102711Newspaper publishers (except exclusive Internet publishing)
    5111105111102711Newspaper publishers and printing combined
    5111105111102711Publishers, newspaper (except exclusive Internet publishing)
    5111105111102711Publishers, newspaper, combined with printing