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 337920 Blind and Shade Manufacturing

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing one or more of the following: venetian blinds, other window blinds, shades; curtain and drapery rods, poles; and/or curtain and drapery fixtures. The blinds and shades may be made on a stock or custom basis and may be made of any material.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

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Corresponding Index Entries
3379203379202591Blinds (e.g., mini, venetian, vertical), all materials, manufacturing
3379203379202591Curtain or drapery fixtures (e.g., poles, rods, rollers) manufacturing
3379203379202591Curtain rods and fittings manufacturing
3379203379202591Fixtures (e.g., poles, rods, rollers), curtain and drapery, manufacturing
3379203379202591Miniblinds manufacturing
3379203379202591Porch shades, wood slat, manufacturing
3379203379202591Shade pulls, window, manufacturing
3379203379202591Shades, window (except outdoor canvas awnings), manufacturing
3379203379202591Venetian blinds manufacturing
3379203379202591Vertical blinds manufacturing
3379203379202591Window shade rollers and fittings manufacturing
3379203379202591Window shades (except awnings) manufacturing