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 337121 Upholstered Household Furniture Manufacturing

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing upholstered household-type furniture. The furniture may be made on a stock or custom basis.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

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Corresponding Index Entries
3371213371212515Chair and couch springs, assembled, manufacturing
3371213371212512Chairs, upholstered household-type (except dining room, kitchen), manufacturing
3371213371212515Convertible sofas (except futons) manufacturing
3371213371212515Cot springs, assembled, manufacturing
3371213371212515Couch springs, assembled, manufacturing
3371213371212512Couches, upholstered, manufacturing
3371213371212515Cushion springs, assembled, manufacturing
337121337121 Furniture, household-type, upholstered on frames of any material, manufacturing
3371213371212512Household-type furniture, upholstered, manufacturing
3371213371212512Juvenile furniture, upholstered, manufacturing
3371213371212512Living room furniture, upholstered, manufacturing
3371213371212514Metal framed furniture, household-type, upholstered, manufacturing
3371213371212512Ottomans, upholstered, manufacturing
3371213371212512Recliners, upholstered, manufacturing
3371213371212512Rockers, upholstered, manufacturing
3371213371212515Sofa beds and chair beds, upholstered, manufacturing
3371213371212515Sofas, convertible (except futons), manufacturing
337121337121 Sofas, upholstered, manufacturing
3371213371215712Upholstered furniture, household-type, custom, manufacturing
337121337121 Upholstered furniture, household-type, on frames of any material, manufacturing
3371213371212512Wood framed furniture, upholstered, household-type, manufacturing