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 335121 Residential Electric Lighting Fixture Manufacturing

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing fixed or portable residential electric lighting fixtures and lamp shades of metal, paper, or textiles. Residential electric lighting fixtures include those for use both inside and outside the residence.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

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Corresponding Index Entries
3351213351213645Boudoir lamp fixtures manufacturing
3351213351213645Ceiling lighting fixtures, residential, manufacturing
3351213351213645Chandeliers, residential, manufacturing
3351213351213645Decorative area lighting fixtures, residential, manufacturing
3351213351213645Desk lamps, residential, electric, manufacturing
3351213351213645Floor lamps (i.e., lighting fixtures), residential, manufacturing
3351213351213645Fluorescent lighting fixtures, residential, manufacturing
3351213351213645Grow light fixtures, residential, electric, manufacturing
335121335121 Lamp shades (except glass, plastics), residential, manufacturing
3351213351213645Lamps (i.e., lighting fixtures), residential, electric, manufacturing
3351213351213645Lighting fixtures, residential electric, manufacturing
3351213351213645Low voltage lighting equipment, residential, electric, manufacturing
3351213351213645Pendant lamps fixtures, residential electric, manufacturing
3351213351213645Recessed lighting housings and trim, residential electric, manufacturing
335121335121 Shades, lamp (except glass, plastics), residential-type, manufacturing
3351213351213645Solar lighting fixtures, residential, electric, manufacturing
3351213351213645Table lamps (i.e., lighting fixtures) manufacturing
3351213351213645Track lighting fixtures and equipment, residential, electric, manufacturing
3351213351213645Wall lamps (i.e., lighting fixtures), residential electric, manufacturing
3351213351213645Yard Lights, residential electric, manufacturing