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 334419 Other Electronic Component Manufacturing

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electronic components (except electron tubes; bare printed circuit boards; semiconductors and related devices; electronic capacitors; electronic resistors; coils, transformers and other inductors; connectors; and loaded printed circuit boards).

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

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Corresponding Index Entries
3344193344193679Computer cable (e.g., monitor, printer) manufacturing
3344193344193679Crystals and crystal assemblies, electronic, manufacturing
3344193344193679Filters, electronic component-type, manufacturing
3344193344193679Harness assemblies for electronic use manufacturing
3344193344193679Heads (e.g., recording, read/write) manufacturing
3344193344193679LCD (liquid crystal display) unit screens manufacturing
3344193344193679Microwave components manufacturing
3344193344193679Needles, phonograph and styli, manufacturing
3344193344193679Piezoelectric crystals manufacturing
3344193344193679Piezoelectric devices manufacturing
3344193344193679Printed circuit laminates manufacturing
3344193344193679Quartz crystals, electronic application, manufacturing
3344193344193679Rectifiers, electronic component-type (except semiconductor), manufacturing
3344193344193679Resonant reed devices, electronic, manufacturing
3344193344193679Rheostats, electronic, manufacturing
3344193344193679Screens for liquid crystal display (LCD) manufacturing
3344193344193679Solenoids for electronic applications manufacturing
3344193344193679Switches for electronic applications manufacturing
3344193344193679Transducers (except pressure) manufacturing