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 334411 Electron Tube Manufacturing

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electron tubes and parts (except glass blanks). Examples of products made by these establishments are cathode ray tubes (i.e., picture tubes), klystron tubes, magnetron tubes, and traveling wave tubes.

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Corresponding Index Entries
3344113344113671Cathode ray tubes (CRT) manufacturing
3344113344113671CRT (cathode ray tube) manufacturing
3344113344113671Electron tube parts (e.g., bases, getters, guns) (except glass blanks) manufactur
3344113344113671Electron tubes manufacturing
3344113344113671Klystron tubes manufacturing
3344113344113671Magnetron tubes manufacturing
3344113344113671Television picture tubes manufacturing
3344113344113671Traveling wave tubes manufacturing
3344113344113671Tubes, cathode ray, manufacturing
3344113344113671Tubes, electron, manufacturing
3344113344113671Tubes, electronic, manufacturing
3344113344113671Tubes, klystron, manufacturing
3344113344113671Vacuum tubes manufacturing