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 334310 Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electronic audio and video equipment for home entertainment, motor vehicle, public address and musical instrument amplifications. Examples of products made by these establishments are video cassette recorders, televisions, stereo equipment, speaker systems, household-type video cameras, jukeboxes, and amplifiers for musical instruments and public address systems.

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Corresponding Index Entries
3343103343103651Amplifiers (e.g., auto, home, musical instrument, public address) manufacturing
3343103343103651Automobile radio receivers manufacturing
3343103343103651Camcorders manufacturing
3343103343103651Car stereos manufacturing
3343103343103651Clock radios manufacturing
3343103343103651Coin-operated jukebox manufacturing
3343103343103651Compact disc players (e.g., automotive, household-type) manufacturing
3343103343103651Digital video disc players manufacturing
3343103343103651DVD (digital video disc) players manufacturing
3343103343103651Home stereo systems manufacturing
3343103343103651Home tape recorders and players (e.g., cartridge, cassette, reel) manufacturing
3343103343103651Home theater audio and video equipment manufacturing
3343103343103651Jukeboxes manufacturing
3343103343103651Loudspeakers manufacturing
3343103343103651Microphones manufacturing
3343103343103651Portable stereo systems manufacturing
3343103343103651Projection television manufacturing
3343103343103651Public address systems and equipment manufacturing
3343103343103679Radio headphones manufacturing
3343103343103651Radio receiving sets manufacturing
3343103343103651Speaker systems manufacturing
3343103343103651Tape players and recorders, household-type, manufacturing
3343103343103651Television (TV) sets manufacturing
3343103343103651TV (television) sets manufacturing
3343103343103651VCR (video cassette recorder) manufacturing
3343103343103651Video cameras, household-type, manufacturing
3343103343103651Video cassette recorders (VCR) manufacturing