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 334112 Computer Storage Device Manufacturing

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing computer storage devices that allow the storage and retrieval of data from a phase change, magnetic, optical, or magnetic/optical media. Examples of products made by these establishments are CD-ROM drives, floppy disk drives, hard disk drives, and tape storage and backup units.

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Corresponding Index Entries
3341123341123572CD-ROM drives manufacturing
3341123341123572Direct access storage devices manufacturing
3341123341123572Disk drives, computer, manufacturing
3341123341123572DVD (digital video disc) drives, computer peripheral equipment, manufacturing
3341123341123572Flexible (i.e., floppy) magnetic disk drives manufacturing
3341123341123572Floppy disk drives manufacturing
3341123341123572Hard disk drives manufacturing
3341123341123572Magnetic/optical combination storage units for computers manufacturing
3341123341123572Optical disk drives manufacturing
3341123341123572Storage devices, computer, manufacturing
3341123341123572Tape storage units (e.g., drive backups), computer peripheral equipment, manufact