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 333993 Packaging Machinery Manufacturing

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing packaging machinery, such as wrapping, bottling, canning, and labeling machinery.
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Corresponding Index Entries
3339933339933565Bag opening, filling, and closing machines manufacturing
3339933339933565Bottle washers, packaging machinery, manufacturing
3339933339933565Bottling machinery (e.g., capping, filling, labeling, sterilizing, washing) manuf
3339933339933565Bread wrapping machines manufacturing
3339933339933565Canning machinery manufacturing
3339933339933565Capping, sealing, and lidding packaging machinery manufacturing
3339933339933565Carton filling machinery manufacturing
3339933339933565Coding, dating, and imprinting packaging machinery manufacturing
3339933339933565Food packaging machinery manufacturing
3339933339933565Labeling (i.e., packaging) machinery manufacturing
3339933339933565Packaging machinery manufacturing
3339933339933565Testing, weighing, inspecting, packaging machinery manufacturing
3339933339933565Thermoform, blister, and skin packaging machinery manufacturing
3339933339933565Wrapping (i.e., packaging) machinery manufacturing