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 333291 Paper Industry Machinery Manufacturing

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing paper industry machinery for making paper and paper products, such as pulp making machinery, paper and paperboard making machinery, and paper and paperboard converting machinery.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing printing machinery are classified in U.S. Industry 333293, Printing Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing.
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Corresponding Index Entries
3332913332913554Chippers, stationary (e.g., log), manufacturing
3332913332913554Envelope making machinery manufacturing
3332913332913554Fourdrinier machinery manufacturing
3332913332913554Log debarking machinery, stationary, manufacturing
3332913332913554Log splitters, stationary, manufacturing
3332913332913554Paper and paperboard coating and finishing machinery manufacturing
3332913332913554Paper and paperboard converting machinery manufacturing
3332913332913554Paper and paperboard corrugating machinery manufacturing
3332913332913554Paper and paperboard cutting and folding machinery manufacturing
3332913332913554Paper and paperboard die-cutting and stamping machinery manufacturing
3332913332913554Paper bag making machinery manufacturing
3332913332913554Paper making machinery manufacturing
3332913332913554Paperboard box making machinery manufacturing
3332913332913554Paperboard making machinery manufacturing
3332913332913554Pulp making machinery manufacturing
3332913332913554Pulp, paper, and paperboard molding machinery manufacturing
3332913332913554Sandpaper making machines manufacturing