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 332999 All Other Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing fabricated metal products (except forgings and stampings, cutlery and handtools, architectural and structural metals, boilers, tanks, shipping containers, hardware, spring and wire products, machine shop products, turned products, screws, nuts and bolts, metal valves, ball and roller bearings, ammunition, small arms and other ordnances, fabricated pipes and pipe fittings, industrial patterns, and enameled iron and metal sanitary ware).

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

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Corresponding Index Entries
3329993329993497Aluminum freezer foil not made in rolling mills
3329993329993499Aluminum ladders manufacturing
3329993329993429Andirons manufacturing
3329993329993429Angle irons, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993429Animal traps, metal (except wire), manufacturing
3329993329993499Aquarium accessories, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993999Badges, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993499Bank chests, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993499Barricades, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993429Bellows, hand, manufacturing
3329993329993499Book ends, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993429Car seals, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993429Chain fittings manufacturing
3329993329993499Chests, fire or burglary resistive, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993499Chests, money, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993499Chests, safe deposit, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993999Combs, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993497Containers, foil (except bags), manufacturing
3329993329993497Copper foil not made in rolling mills
3329993329993429Cuffs, leg, iron, manufacturing
3329993329993499Doors, safe and vault, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993499Drain plugs, magnetic, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993499Drill stands, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993914Ecclesiastical ware, precious plated metal, manufacturing
3329993329993429Fireplace fixtures and equipment manufacturing
3329993329993599Flexible metal hose and tubing manufacturing
3329993329993497Foil containers (except bags) manufacturing
3329993329993497Foil not made in rolling mills
3329993329993499Fountains (except drinking), metal, manufacturing
3329993329993999Frames and handles, handbag and luggage, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993999Frames, metal, lamp shade, manufacturing
3329993329993999Frames, metal, umbrella and parasol, manufacturing
3329993329993497Gold beating (i.e., foil, leaf)
3329993329993497Gold foil and leaf not made in rolling mills
3329993329993999Hair curlers, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993429Handcuffs manufacturing
3329993329993999Handles (e.g., parasol, umbrella), metal, manufacturing
3329993329993429Harness parts, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993914Hollowware, precious plated metal, manufacturing
3329993329993499Hoops, metal (except wire), fabricated from purchased metal
3329993329993429Horse bits manufacturing
3329993329993599Hose, flexible metal, manufacturing
3329993329993999Identification plates, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993499Ironing boards, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993429Ladder jacks, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993499Ladders, portable metal, manufacturing
3329993329993999Lamp shade frames, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993497Lead foil not made in rolling mills
3329993329993497Leaf, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993499Linings, metal safe and vault, manufacturing
3329993329993499Machine bases, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993497Magnesium foil not made in rolling mills
3329993329993499Magnets, permanent, metallic, manufacturing
3329993329993499Marine horns, compressed air or steam, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993497Metal foil containers (except bags) manufacturing
3329993329993999Military insignia, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993499Money chests, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993499Name plate blanks, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993497Nickel foil not made in rolling mills
3329993329993499Novelties and specialties, nonprecious metal and precious plated, manufacturing
3329993329993291Pads, soap impregnated scouring, manufacturing
3329993329993499Paint sticks, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993537Pallet parts, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993537Pallets, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993494Pipe hangers and supports, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993914Plated ware (e.g., ecclesiastical ware, hollowware, toilet ware) manufacturing
3329993329993497Platinum foil and leaf not made in rolling mills
3329993329993499Plugs, magnetic metal drain, manufacturing
3329993329993599Propellers, ship and boat, made from purchased metal
3329993329993499Reels, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993429Rope fittings manufacturing
3329993329993429Saddlery parts, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993499Safe deposit boxes and chests, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993499Safe doors and linings, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993499Safes, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993291Scouring pads, soap impregnated, manufacturing
3329993329993499Shims, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993432Shower rods, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993497Silver beating (i.e., foil, leaf)
3329993329993497Silver foil and leaf not made in rolling mills
3329993329993537Skids, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993999Soap dispensers, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993291Sponges, metal scouring, manufacturing
3329993329993499Stabilizing bars, cargo, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993291Steel wool manufacturing
3329993329993499Stepladders, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993499Strappings, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993999Swatters, fly, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993499Tablets, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993429Thimbles for wire rope manufacturing
3329993329993497Tinfoil not made in rolling mills
3329993329993499Toilet ware, precious plated metal, manufacturing
3329993329993499Trophies, nonprecious and precious plated metal, manufacturing
3329993329993599Tubing, flexible metal, manufacturing
3329993329993499Vault doors and linings, metal, manufacturing
3329993329993499Vaults (except burial), metal, manufacturing
3329993329993497Zinc foil and leaf not made in rolling mills