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 331511 Iron Foundries

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in pouring molten pig iron or iron alloys into molds to manufacture castings, (e.g., cast iron man-hole covers, cast iron pipe, cast iron skillets). Establishments in this industry purchase iron made in other establishments.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing iron castings and further manufacturing them into finished products are classified based on the specific finished product.
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Corresponding Index Entries
3315113315113321Cast iron brake shoes, railroad, manufacturing
3315113315113321Cast iron pipe and pipe fittings manufacturing
3315113315113321Cast iron railroad car wheels manufacturing
3315113315113321Castings, compacted graphite iron, unfinished, manufacturing
3315113315113322Castings, malleable iron, unfinished, manufacturing
331511331511 Castings, unfinished iron (e.g., ductile, gray, malleable, semisteel), manufactur
3315113315113321Cooking utensils, cast iron, manufacturing
3315113315113321Ductile iron castings, unfinished, manufacturing
3315113315113321Ductile iron foundries
3315113315113321Fittings, soil and pressure pipe, cast iron, manufacturing
331511331511 Foundries, iron (i.e., ductile, gray, malleable, semisteel)
3315113315113321Gray iron foundries
3315113315113321Industrial molds, steel ingot, manufacturing
331511331511 Iron castings, unfinished, manufacturing
331511331511 Iron foundries
3315113315113322Malleable iron foundries
3315113315113321Manhole covers, cast iron, manufacturing
3315113315113321Molds for casting steel ingots manufacturing
3315113315113321Molds, steel ingot, industrial, manufacturing
3315113315113322Pearlitic castings, malleable iron, unfinished, manufacturing
3315113315113321Pipe and pipe fittings, cast iron, manufacturing
3315113315113321Pipe couplings, cast iron, manufacturing
3315113315113321Rolling mill rolls, iron, manufacturing
3315113315113321Semisteel foundries
3315113315113321Sewer pipe, cast iron, manufacturing
3315113315113321Soil pipe, cast iron, manufacturing
3315113315113321Water pipe, cast iron, manufacturing