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 331312 Primary Aluminum Production

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in (1) making aluminum from alumina and/or (2) making aluminum from alumina and rolling, drawing, extruding, or casting the aluminum they make into primary forms (e.g., bar, billet, ingot, plate, rod, sheet, strip). Establishments in this industry may make primary aluminum or aluminum-based alloys from alumina.

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Corresponding Index Entries
3313123313123334Aluminum alloys made from bauxite or alumina producing primary aluminum and manuf
3313123313123334Aluminum ingot and other primary aluminum production shapes made from bauxite or
3313123313123334Aluminum producing from alumina
3313123313123334Aluminum shapes (e.g., bar, ingot, rod, sheet) made by producing primary aluminum
3313123313123334Extrusion ingot, primary aluminum, manufacturing
3313123313123334Ingot, primary aluminum, manufacturing
3313123313123334Primary aluminum production and manufacturing aluminum alloys
3313123313123334Primary aluminum production and manufacturing aluminum shapes (e.g., bar, ingot,
3313123313123334Primary refining of aluminum
3313123313123334Primary smelting of aluminum
3313123313123334Refining aluminum, primary
3313123313123334Slab, primary aluminum, manufacturing