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 327992 Ground or Treated Mineral and Earth Manufacturing

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in calcining, dead burning, or otherwise processing beyond beneficiation, clays, ceramic and refractory minerals, barite, and miscellaneous nonmetallic minerals.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in crushing, grinding, pulverizing, washing, screening, sizing, or otherwise beneficiating mined clays, ceramics and refractory, and other miscellaneous nonmetallic minerals are classified in Industry Group 2123, Nonmetallic Mineral Mining and Quarrying.
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Corresponding Index Entries
3279923279923295Barite processing beyond beneficiation
3279923279923295Barium processing beyond beneficiation
3279923279923295Blast furnace slag processing
3279923279923295Desiccants, activated clay, manufacturing
3279923279923295Diatomaceous earth processing beyond beneficiation
3279923279923295Feldspar processing beyond beneficiation
3279923279923295Flint processing beyond beneficiation
3279923279923295Fuller's earth processing beyond beneficiating
3279923279923295Graphite, natural (e.g., ground, pulverized, refined, blended), manufacturing
3279923279923295Kaolin, processing beyond beneficiation
3279923279923295Lead, black (i.e., natural graphite), ground, refined, or blended, manufacturing
3279923279923295Magnesite, crude (e.g., calcined, dead-burned, ground), manufacturing
3279923279923295Mica processing beyond beneficiation
3279923279923295Perlite aggregates manufacturing
3279923279923295Perlite, expanded, manufacturing
3279923279923295Pumice (except abrasives) processing beyond beneficiation
3279923279923295Pyrophyllite processing beyond beneficiation
3279923279923295Shale, expanded, manufacturing
3279923279923295Silicon, ultra high purity, manufacturing
3279923279923295Talc processing beyond beneficiation
3279923279923295Vermiculite, exfoliated, manufacturing